Rosato Bullarum

Vino rosato frizzante


Vineyard Vigna Sagrantino Nuovo
Variety Sagrantino
Planting 2007
Planting system 0,85x2,85 mt
Training system Cordone speronato
Exposure Sud
Soil: Clay/silt, with good skeletal structure, high in organic substances, with a good nitrogen-carbon ratio. Higher in active limestone, which makes it ideal for the quality of the wines.
Cultivation of the vineyard: The vines are cultivated using biodynamic techniques, using only copper, sulphur and biodynamic preparations for defence against disease. We work to increase the humus through green manure and biodynamic soil preparations. No synthetic chemical products are used.Harvesting: by hand in the first half of September.
Harvest: manual in the first half of September
Grape variety: Sagrantino 100%
Vinification: The grapes, harvested by hand at the crack of dawn to obtain the coldest possible must, are destemmed and pressed; only the first-pressing must is used for this wine. The must, which has no contact with the skins, is kept static for 24 hours, after which the fermentation with indigenous yeasts is activated by means of staged oxygenation. The wine is then clarified by racking and oxygenation, which maintains the fineness of the aromas and prevents reduction. The fine lees are kept and stirred for three months. When the wine has reached the necessary maturity, it is bottled without the addition of sulphur dioxide or filtration. The second fermentation that takes place in the bottle produces the carbon dioxide that characterises this wine.
Bottle ageing: 3 months. Marketed in 75cL 1.50 Lt
Tasting: a soft pink colour with orange reflections. On the nose, fresh scents of roses, on the palate it has hints of strawberries, citrus fruits, pomegranate and cherries. In the mouth it is sapid, with good minerality, good acidity, balanced and easy to drink.
Pairing suggestions: Excellent with seafood and meat starters, fresh cheeses, risotto, white meats and grilled fish.
Serving temperature: 12-14°C
Bottling data reported on the label, year 2022:
Total sulphur dioxide: >30 mg/L
Volatile acidity: 0.32 gr/L
Total Acidity: 4.99 gr/L
Sugars: 5,5 gr/L
pH: 3.21
Alcohol content: 11,5%
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