Organic certified 35 ha, cultivated according to biodynamic method: vineyards, wood, arable land, olive grove and natural truffle-ground. That's the Fongoli farm.

We have always paid attention on enviromental condition but during the last 10 years we have chosen a fully - integrated natural method. In the vineyards, for example, we have abandoned the rotating machines in favor of minimum tillage tools and we have started a deepest work through the use of legumes and other varieties for the green manure. Further more, we have reduced the interventions along the rows to promote a constant decrease of land's compaction.

The vineyards are alternated with autoctone tall trees to increase the biodiversity and protected
with copper sulfate and sulfur dust according to the
VinNatur's procedure guidelines.

The olive grove is fenced off to allow the animals, horses and goats, to live in and eat the weeds: in that way the biodiversity increases and the interventions decreases. The land is fertilized though the green manure.

We only use our grapes. The central position of the cellar and the close positions of the vineyards are the main advantagies of our vinification without added sulphurous thanks to harvest's controlled low-times  according to the cellar's needs.

We don't work following vinification's guidelines because we pay attention to seasons and new techniques for better wines.
The vinification is completly home - made according to techniques and family enological awareness.
Our production follows the farm history and the terroir.

We never do the vinification in reduction because an aware vinification uses the oxigen sccording to the wines and the vintages. The Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG and the Montefalco Rosso DOC are produced in a traditional way: fermentation on steel vats or anphora or open vats and aged in old Oak barrels

For the white wines, we pay close attention to oxidations and we respect the tipical aromas of each grapes, also through the use of indigenous yeasts.
In 2017, we have definitively abandoned the filtration for the white wines too that are naturally fining with oxigenations and pour off according tho the moon periods.

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