Who we are
The Fongoli company was founded by Decio Fongoli Sr. in the early ‘900s. From its establishment, the activities included the production of wine and olive oil as well as farming and pig and cattle rearing activities. In the 1940s Angelo Fongoli Sr. began the commercializing of the first table wines: Bianco San Marco (white) and Rosso di Montefalco and the prestigious Sagrantino wine (both red). In 1977, Azienda Fongoli Angelo C.D. is the only company to be assigned the first DOC Sagrantino di Montefalco (dry and sweet wine). In 1981 and 1983 other awards, such as the Dujia D'or for Rosso di Montefalco, honour the winery. The company, run by Decio Jr. and subsequently by Angelo Jr., has continued to follow the traditional techniques such as ageing in wooden vats, on-site bottling and the use of own-produced grapes exclusively with indigenous yeasts, etc..
The property extends over 40 hectares that consist of 30 hectares of vineyards and 3.500 olive trees covering an area of 7.5 hectares. The winery is situated on the top of a hill in the middle of the property, 300 meters away from the agriturism nested within the olive groves and close to the Via Flaminia, Roman Consular road that anciently connected the Rome to the Adriatic Coast of Rimini.
The vineyard is composed of 9 hectares dedicated exclusively to Sagrantino DOCG consisting of vines of different ages: 1.5 ha are over 40 years old, 1.4 are dedicated to the special selection “Sospiri” until the most recently 3 hectares planted in 2008. 2.5 hectares are planted with Grechetto DOC Colli Martani, of which 0.82 ha consist of old clones that are no longer available and are cultivated “palmetta” style typical of the Umbria region. The remaining plants dedicated to the production of Montefalco Rosso DOC vines of various ages.
The winery vinifies following traditional methods using grapes grown exclusively . in their own vineyards exclusively from their  makes wine under old business traditions only grapes from their vineyards. Sagrantino and Montefalco Rosso Riserva are aged in large Slavonian oak barrels for 3-4 years whereas Montefalco Rosso in aged for 2 years. Grechetto Colli Martani DOC, Rosato Umbria, Grechetto and Red IGP are refined in steel. The company possesses its own GAI bottling and labelling equipment, an air filtration system and an air-conditioned warehouse for aging bottled wine. The wine is made in temperature control stainless steel vats with automated cap pumping over or punching down. Wines and musts are transferred exclusively with peristaltic pumps.
The olive grove is situated around the center of the farm and consists of Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo varieties. All produce is sold exclusively  directly in the farm shop. In order to obtain the highest quality olive oil, harvest takes place during the first half of October.
All the production is entirely organic, the tendency being biodynamic methods using only copper and sulfur treatments. In the vineyard, olive grove and the  rest of the land synthetic chemical products are strictly not used.. The current biological year on the market is 2011 and includes all IGP wines as well as  Grechetto DOC Colli Martani and extra virgin olive oil.
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