The Montefalco Sagrantino single vineyard
Exclusevely produced during the years considered most appropriate and in the amount that many vary from year to year, it is Fongoli’s most prestigious product. It is the result of the fermentation of Sagrantino grapes coming from Fongoli’s Vigna dei Sospiri, Vineyard of the Sighs hence named because it is situated on one of the steepest areas of the estate, causing the workers to sigh during the numerous manual tasks to be performed through the years. 
Harvest is conducted manually and can take place at different intervals, with careful choice of the grapes. Vinification follows traditional company techniques, so dear to Decio Fongoli. Fermentation takes place on natural yeasts and without temperature control, a long permanence on the crushed grapes and at least a 4 year ageing period on Slavonian oak barrels. It is the perfect result of traditional tecniques.   
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