Serata della cena con il vignaiolo
Tastings and tours
       The Cellar Fongoli has a room in the cellar for the reception, positioned between thebarrel, visible from the hall through a large window, and the wine-making areas. In the room you can see all the products of the winery, as well as the museum of wine-making equipment and the countryside in use at the company until the beginning of last century, the old bottles and prizes. In this room are usually made ​​only wine tastings always free of charge.
Another room is used exclusively for tastings with food pairings, for which the reservationis necessary, in the neighborhood which is located outside of the oven with fireplace also used the occasion of "Open Cellars". These events must always be agreed to define the times and types of wine tasting.
You can take guided tours of the winery or vineyard, always free of charge, upon notice.
During the demonstration of Open Cellars is also possible to book a dinner with the winemaker that takes place in the cellar for the aging of red wines on the last Saturday of the month of May.

Event "Open Cellars" in the park around the tasting and the wood-burning oven.

     Winemaker's dinner in the cellar.                                            Local wine tasting.
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