The Cellar
The grapes for Sagrantino passito wine are picked by hand manually harvested during the harvest season for dry Sagrantino. The grapes are chosen one by one by the more experienced workers and only in those vineyards that have responded best the climatic conditions.
The grapes are them placed on specially made racks, the oldest in wood and the more recent in plastic, and and are wood is the oldest and the latest in plastic, and are protected from the weather, sun and humidity. The grapes are then left to dry. The drying process is particularly favoured by the excellent location of the cellar as its altitude, the highest in the entire area of the DOCG wine Montefalco, ensures an almost total absence of fog as well as the correct ventilation, two fundamental conditions for a natural drying process without having to resort to air conditioning or forced ventilation. This process takes approximately two months depending on the climatic conditions of the year and is an essential for the development of broader and more complex aromas, since in this manner the stalk before the berries.
After the drying process has been completed, vinification can take place. The grapes are de-stemmed, crushed, ready for the fermentation to begin. Fermentation takes place through the grape's own natural yeasts which allows the wine to develop a strong personality. Due to the fact that fermentation takes place during a period of the year where temperatures a very low, temperature control is not necessary. Maceration on skins lasts about 15 days, after which Sagrantino Passito is transferred into barrels where fermentation may continue for a number of months. 
Ageing takes place in Slavonic oak barrels, with several transfers in order naturally clean the wine, for approximately 3 to 4 years (regulations  require a minimum of 30 months of which at least 12 in wood).
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